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Jura X10
  • Jura X10

    The professional machine for hot and cold speciality coffees – versatile, robust and reliable.


    The X10 sets new standards, bringing variety and freshness. Quite literally, because its repertoire includes an impressive 35 speciality coffees, nine of which are cold extracted. The fully automatic cold extraction process is a special feature of the X10 and brings refreshing Cold Brews to the professional sector.


    The X10's versatility also extends to longer specialities using more water, such as americanos and lunghi. Thanks to the One Touch Lungo function, it also prepares these specialities at the touch of a button. In addition to the wide variety of beverages, the P.A.G.2+ grinder and functions of the professional automatic machine are also impressive. 


    The X10 is easy to operate thanks to the colour display and physical buttons, making it appropriately accessible. The X10 is the ideal size for use in offices, self-service areas or catering businesses with a daily demand of 100 preparations.


    Cold Brews at the touch of a button

    The X10 brings refreshing coffee enjoyment to offices and self-service areas with a selection of Cold Brews. Freshly ground at the touch of a button, not encapsulated and cold extracted. This is made possible by the Cold Extraction Process developed by JURA. In this extraction process, cold water passes through the freshly ground coffee, pulsating under high pressure and with a slow cycle frequency. The fruity aromas are thus optimally absorbed by the water and result in a natural and energising cold beverage.


    A variety of specialities to suit every taste

    Diversity is on the agenda for the X10. Designed to offer the ultimate indulgence, the professional fully automatic machine impresses with 35 speciality coffees. The repertoire ranges from coffee classics, such as espresso and cappuccino, to double speciality coffees with milk, such as latte macchiato, and trendy Cold Brews. As usual at the touch of a button, and now flowing into the cup via the central dual spout. The X10 redefines the coffee experience in open-plan offices and self-service areas in unprecedented dimensions.


    Robust and refined

    Form follows function – that is the maxim of the X10, which is characterised by clean lines and direct user guidance. The height-adjustable spout combines hot water, milk and coffee spouts and ensures easy operation. The newly designed front in Dark Inox emphasises the professionalism and timeless elegance of the automatic coffee machine. Furthermore, the X10 impresses with its convenient and intuitive operating concept via the 3.5-inch display. Integrated into the front and complemented by physical buttons, the display emphasises the clarity of the professional fully automatic machine.


    Modern payment methods supported

    The X10 can be optionally supplemented with the MDB interface unit  from JURA. As a result, it supports the most common payment systems and offers maximum flexibility and simplicity. Be it for credit cards, badge or mobile payment systems, the choice is open. JURA Pocket Pilot  is also available. In addition to contactless payment, the free software from JURA impresses with a billing and management system.

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