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a decade of roasting excellence

At Stereo Coffee Roasters, we pride ourselves on roasting great quality coffee. With over a decade of experience in the coffee industry and in coffee roasting, we are committed to giving our clients a consistent coffee experience.

Our founder, James Kilbourn, has devoted his time to educating himself about coffee by completing various coffee certifications including SCA Roasting Professional as well as Barista, Brewing, and Sensory certificates. Added to this he has completed the post graduate Certificate in Advanced Studies in Coffee Excellence from the Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW).

Stereo Coffee Roasters started life as Connoisseur Coffee - a coffee stall at a local farmers market in 2
011 selling filter coffee and ground-to-order bags beans to clients every Saturday morning. Once the coffee bug had bitten, the decision was made to acquire a roaster, undergo training in London, UK, and start roasting our own coffee. Once the roastery was established and a client-base established through the farmers market, it was inevitable that we open our first café and change the name to Stereo Café.

After the COVID-19 pandemic we
 re-evaluating the future of Stereo Café and the direction of our business. The difficult decision was made to close the café, for the time being, and concentrate on roasting for wholesale clients, coffee training, consulting start-up and exsisting cafés and suppling clients with quality coffee equipment. With that, the name changed to Stereo Coffee Roasters which now reflects our core business focus.

Some of our achievements:

  • Winner - Coffee Magazine Cafe of the Month Award - December 2017 (Stereo Café)

  • Winner - SCASA Cup Tasters Championship (Central Region) - November 2019 (James Kilbourn)

  • Gold Award - Aurora International Taste Championship - 2020 (Trio Blend)

  • Nominated - Coffee Magazine Excellence in Coffee Award - 2022 (James Kilbourn)

  • Nominated - Coffee Magazine Excellence in Coffee Award - 2023 (James Kilbourn)

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