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Keep it clean (Aug 23, 2012)

This is an original blog post which I wrote towards the beginning of my coffee journey. I have left it unedited and republished it here for your reading pleasure.

I haven’t posted a blog post in a while but this morning I was once again inspired to share some valuable information again. Nothing complicated or long-winded. Just some advice.

When enjoying your morning pick-me-up you expect nothing but the best, right? You should. But regardless of what coffee you are using, if the equipment you brew with is not clean, you could be getting an off-tasting coffee and your pick-me-up could be rather a let-down.

I hate to admit it but I am guilty. When I looked inside my filter brewer this morning (we have excellent down-lighting in our new kitchen) I noticed that it was not clean. Residue in places I overlooked in previous cleaning regimes stared at me, taunted me but I got stuck in and cleaned.

15 minutes later and she was as good as new. Had I spent a little time just rinsing, wiping and doing the occasional run of vinegar mixed with water to clean out the piping, I would have been enjoying my morning cup of medium roast earlier.

So, to keep it simple, keep your coffee equipment clean!

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