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Stereo Café Menu

A selection of what's on the menu at our café at Victorian Square, Second Ave., Westdene, Bloemfontein

Coffee & Hot Beverages

Good ideas start with great coffee


Extracted to perfection. It's the base for all our coffee drinks - without the milk.

R 25


Espresso extracted directly into hot water

R 28


An espresso "cut" with milk. 50% espresso 50%milk.

R 28

Flat White

A double shot of espresso with silky foamed milk to top it off.

R 34


The classic espresso-based milk beverage


R 34


R 38

Caffè Latté

A milder coffee drink with a single espresso and silky steamed milk. Add flavouring for a decadently sweet drink.

R 34

Flavoured Latté

A Caffè Latte with your choice of flavouring for a decadently sweet drink.


R 46


R 46

Salted Caramel

R 46

Hot Chocolate

A decadent dark hot chocolate. Creamy & smooth. Choose a topping to make it extra special.

R 34

Caffè Mocha

Hot Chocolate with a shot of espresso. Two worlds collide in harmony.

R 45

Chai Latte

Made with traditional spiced tea and hot steamed milk.

R 34

Dirty Chai

Chai Latte with a shot of espresso

R 45


Bottled Water 500ml

Still or sparkling


R 18


R 18

Soft Drinks 300ml

Regular or Coke Zero

Regular Coke

R 18

Coke Zero

R 18

Sweets for my sweet


Raisin Bran

R 26


R 26

Lemon Poppy Seed

R 26


Choc Chip

R 16


Smashed Avo

A generous serving of Avocado, seasoned with a dash of lemon juice, salt and pepper, "smashed" onto your choice of bread.

R 74


Smashed Avo & Egg

A generous serving of Avocado topped with a sliced hard-boiled egg. Served on your choice of bread.

R 84

Cheese & Tomato

The classic - Sliced tomato and cheddar cheese with basil pesto for a twist of flavour - served on your choice of bread.

R 68


Ham, Cheese & Tomato

Another classic sarmie - sliced tomato and cheddar cheese, hickory ham and a hint of basil pesto to add a different dimension of flavour.

R 84

No. 11

This has the lot! Smashed avocado, ham, cheese, tomato and a hard-boiled egg!

R 125

Chicken Mayo

Pulled seasoned chicken breast mixed with a tangy mayonnaise.

R 74

Please Note

We endeavor to keep all our information up to date however, prices listed are indicative and may be different from the menu at the cafe. These prices are subject to change without notice. Please consult the café menu for up-to-date pricing.

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