Nicaragua Cerros de Yalí
Nicaragua Cerros de Yalí
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Nicaragua Cerros de Yalí

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This coffee is produced on Finca El Porvenir - a farm situated in the Cerros de Yalí Protected Natural Reserve, a mountainous hub of biodiversity in the Jinotega department of Nicaragua.

The farmer, Javier Pineda, inherited his land from his father, Francisco, and together with his brothers, decided to dedicate most of the land to coffee cultivation. Over 16 "mazanas" (11 hectares) of the farm land is used for coffee production. The shade grown trees are kept hydrated by several “quebradas” (creeks) - an excellent environment for producing specialty coffee


FARM: Finca El Porvenir

REGION: Jinotega

CROP YEAR: 2018/2019


TASTING NOTES: Hints of Cocoa, nuts and mild fruity flavour. Low acidity, mild sweetness and creamy body.

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