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REGION: Santa Rosa

Producer/s: Various producers around Santa Rosa

CROP YEAR: 2020/2021


VARIETAL/S: Caturra, Catuaí, Sarchimor, Pache

TASTING NOTES: Chocolate / Nut-like with medium body and mild acidity

This coffee is sourced from from small producers in the department of Santa Rosa in Guatemala. The farms are located more than 1,372 meters above sea level. Coffee cultivated at these altitudes matures slowly and grows to be harder, denser beans and are known for their consistency and rich taste attributes.

The producers have an ideal environmental conditions for producing coffee and take good care to pick the cherries at the right point of ripeness. Santa Rosa valleys are in the South-Central region of Guatemala and has rich volcanic soils. The Central Highlands of the country are ideal for coffee cultivation due to high altitudes and rich soil from surrounding volcanoes. The climate allows the coffee to mature slowly, which is said to concentrate the coffee beans flavours.

All our coffee is now available in 3 weight options - as beans or ground to order.

Stereo Coffee Roasters is endeavouring to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible and to this goal we have changed all our coffee packaging, where possible, into a fully recyclable packaging. Our 250g and 500g bags now also feature a tab to open and convenient zipper to seal the bag.

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