Ethiopia Sidamo
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Ethiopia Sidamo

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REGION: Sidamo

CROP YEAR: 2020/2021

PROCESS: Washed, Sun dried

VARIETAL/S: Heirloom

TASTING NOTES: Floral aroma, mildly sweet, marzipan-like flavour with mild citric acidity and creamy body.

Ethiopia is regarded as the birthplace of Arabica coffee. Coffee, therefore, forms an important part of Ethiopian culture. The complex, fruity and floral notes which occur in Ethiopian coffee makes them an intriguing and highly prized commodity in the world of coffee.

Ethiopian coffee is farmed predominantly by small-holder coffee farmers and is therefore known as Garden Coffee. These farmers manage their coffee trees and harvest their own cherries which are then sold to cooperatives who further process and grade the coffee for resale to the international market.

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