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Colombia Decaf

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CROP YEAR: 2020/2021

DECAF PROCESS: Sugarcane Natural E.A. 

TASTING NOTES: Floral aroma and chocolate notes in flavour with medium body and medium to low acidity

All our coffee is now available in 3 weight options - as beans or ground to order.

Stereo Coffee Roasters is endeavouring to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible and to this goal we have changed all our coffee packaging, where possible, into a fully recyclable packaging. Our 250g and 500g bags now also feature a tab to open and convenient zipper to seal the bag.

How this coffee is decaffeinated:

"Spring water – natural origin Ethyl Acetate (EA) combined method. The latter substance is naturally present in every coffee bean (as well as in many fruits and vegetables); therefore, no addition of foreign materials takes place.

Natural EA is obtained from the sugarcane industry in Colombia, and is, along with spring water, the only other substance with which coffee comes into contact. This solvent of natural origin and fresh spring water are the only materials used for the caffeine extraction process.

The EA water process permits a smooth extraction of caffeine from the grain, avoiding excessive heat and pressure, thus

preserving the natural structure of the coffee bean cells, allowing an excellent roasting that yields a perfect aroma and flavour.

The process is FDA approved, and the residuals of Ethyl Acetate are below 5 ppm, while international norms allow up to 20ppm. A ripe Banana contains about 20 times more EA than our decaffeinated coffee!

It is also worthwhile mentioning that due to the volatility of the Ethyl Acetate, any residual of it in coffee beans evaporates during any roasting process, leaving no trace (E.A. evaporates at 70°C, coffee is roasted around 200°C)." (Source: La Maseta)


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