Cascara (Coffee Cherry Tea)
Cascara (Coffee Cherry Tea)
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Cascara (Coffee Cherry Tea)

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Origin: Costa Rica
Weight: 60g

Tasting notes:
Mild sweetness with hints of grape-like flavour. Low acidity. Adding honey is recommended. Drink without milk.

Cascara is the dried skins of the coffee fruit (or commonly referred to as the coffee cherry) which are collected after the coffee seeds have been pulped (removed) during the processing of the harvested coffee.

Cascara has been made into a tea-like beverage (a tisane or herbal tea) for hundreds of years in communities that grow coffee - especially in countries like Ethiopia and Yemen where the drink is often infused with spices like cinnamon and ginger to create a unique drink. Some recipes suggest adding sugar or honey.

Read more about Cascara and how to brew it on the A Guide to Brewing Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea blog post.

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