Private Label Coffee Roasting

We believe in building collaborative, sustainable and long-term business partnerships through a focus on quality and sustainability.

At Stereo Café we are able to provide a range of services - from roasting for single events and promotions to private label roasting contracts where we roast the coffee for your brand.

With 10 years of experience in the coffee industry of which 8 years have been spent roasting and 7 years running a café, we have experience to ensure the best quality product is supplied.

We are an award-winning coffee roaster with an in-depth knowledge of roasting and well-known for roasting good quality, delicious coffee.

Private Label Roasting - You do the brand, we do the coffee!

If you're looking to establish your own coffee brand or extend your client offering for your current brand, we have a solution for you!


Examples of our partnerships:

Co-Branding - Johnny Lucky / Johnny Java

We custom package our Trio Blend for Johnny Java and their Express Kitchen and  for coffee served in Johnny Lucky Kitchen Bar in Bayswater, Bloemfontein.

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Co-Branding Promotional - D2 Dance Studio Relevé Blend

We can package coffee for promotional and fund-raising activities with custom printed labels and and the opportunity to promote your brand to current and prospective clients.
For D2 Dance Studio, an RAD accredited ballet studio based in Bloemfontein, we created the Relevé Blend for them to raise funds for their studio.
If you are interested in partnering with us and would like more detail, please complete the contact form below.