How we taste coffee

Our tasting notes are determined through tasting the coffee without adding milk, sugar or any other additives and is evaluated using the cupping protocol as defined by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Adding milk and sugar or preparing this coffee without following brewing best practices may influence your personal perception of the coffee. The tasting notes are provided as reference to guide you as to what you may expect when brewing the coffee within the SCA brewing guidelines.

It takes many years of practice to hone your tasting skills and is also dependent on your pallet and ability to perceive certain flavours.

Coffee cupping is a skill and takes dedication and attention to detail in every step to ensure every coffee is evaluated equally. We take this process very seriously as it is an important facet of the quality control process of our roasted coffee which in turn gives you, our customer, the guarantee of quality and consistency of your products.

For more on the SCA cupping protocol, visit their webpage for more.