Equipment Rental

If you are looking to acquire a coffee machine for your office, restaurant or coffee shop but want to avoid the potentially large initial capital outlay, we have a solution for you through our equipment rental service.

Subject to approval, you could have a professional solution to offer your staff, guests and clients world class coffee made on world class equipment without the need for a large capital investment. All machines supplied are brand new and we do not rent out second-hand or reconditioned machines to ensure you get the best value from our service.

Rental terms range from 36 to 60 months and are subject to approval through standard credit vetting upon application.

All rentals include installation and training on how to operate and do required daily/weekly/monthly cleaning of the machine based on manufacturers specifications.

Machines are supplied standard with the necessary water filtration system as recommended by the manufacturer. Initial installation is included in the service agreement and maintenance of the water filtration forms part of the maintenance plan.

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