Brazil Cerrado
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Brazil Cerrado

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REGION: Cerrado

CROP YEAR: 2021/2022

PROCESS: Natural


TASTING NOTES: Chocolate / Nut-like with creamy body and mild acidity

BRAZIL is the world’s largest producer of coffee and has been for over 150 years. It currently produces around a third of the globe’s coffee. This natural process coffee is sourced from the state of Gauxupe, which itself has a rich coffee history.

All our coffee is now available in 3 weight options - as beans or ground to order.

Stereo Coffee Roasters is endeavouring to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible and to this goal we have changed all our coffee packaging, where possible, into a fully recyclable packaging. Our 250g and 500g bags now also feature a tab to open and convenient zipper to seal the bag.

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